Summit Management Group wants to be your partner for property management services for your clients and want to reward you for any referral of a homeowner for property management services or for a tenant who is approved for and rents one of our properties.


Summit Management Group understands the value of your clients and our agent referral program to let you focus on sales while knowing that your clients have support they need for property management.  At Summit Management Group, we are constantly growing our portfolio of management clients and would love to assist your clients with the services that we provide.  There are a lot of ins and outs of the property management business of which can be very time consuming without the proper implemented systems in place.  We have developed these systems over the years to offer our clients, what we consider to be, the best service in the area.  Let us work together to offer your clients that same top notch service.

The Realtor referral program is very simple.  You refer a client to Summit Management Group and you are paid a referral fee based upon the type of referral.  Referrals can come is 2 different ways:
The first type of referral would be that of an owner who is in need of leasing & management services for a vacant property.  This referral fee is paid at a rate of 50% or the leased price.
The second type of referral fee is that of an owner of an occupied property who is in need of us taking over management of the home.  This referral fee is paid at a rate of $250.

And don’t be concerned about what happens with your client should they decide to sell at a later date.  Although Summit Management Group has a separate sales division, we will NEVER take your client away from you.  Referrals for property management will ALWAYS be returned to you once they are ready to sell.

Contact us today at 678-466-7000 to find out how we can work together and combine our services to provide your client with the best possible customer care and expertise with their real estate needs.


Summit Management Group lists all rental properties on GAMLS along with the commission amount being paid.  We give Realtors the option of representing their client as the tenant or once the property has been shown and the tenant has been approved, Realtors can refer the client to us and we will handle everything else for you.  The choice is yours and the commission/referral fee is always the same amount.


**The owner referral fee will be honored upon the successful renting of a referred property and paid to your Brokerage Firm within 2 weeks of  the property being rented or will be paid within 2 weeks of management of an occupied property being transferred.

**The tenant referral fee will be honored upon the successful renting of the property to the tenant and paid to your Brokerage Firm within 1 week of  the property being rented.