Some Landlords may not have the need for our complete property management service. At Summit Management Group, we understand this and we offer our services on individual basis to help better serve you depending on your needs.

Below is a list of our individual services and fees associated with each. If you have a need for more that one of these services, please contact an associate to determine if we can develop a cost saving bundle of services to fit your needs.

Tenant Placement – One Month’s Rent

  • We assist with locating a potential tenant for you.
  • We screen the tenant through a third party vendor for you and provide you with the necessary information so that YOU can make the final decision as to who rents your property.
  • We prepare the necessary lease agreements and meet with the future tenant to have them sign all of the necessary paperwork.
  • We conduct a Move/In Inspection with the future tenant. You will be responsible for conducting the Move/Out Inspection.
  • We collect the Security Deposit and First Month’s rent made payable to you and we immediately deliver these payments to you.
  • We turn over a copy of all paperwork to you and you will handle everything from that point on.

Dispossessory & Eviction Service – $200 (filing fee not included)

  • We handle all of the necessary paperwork involved with removing a non-paying tenant.
  • We attend all court appearances for you.
  • We inform you throughout the dispossessory process as to the court dates and final outcome.

Writ Service – $75 (filing fee not included)

  • We handle filing the necessary paperwork to execute a writ.

Coordination of Writ with Sheriff’s Department – $75

  • We will communicate with the Sheriff to schedule a execution date of the writ. You will be responsible for having a crew on site to meet with the Sheriff to remove anything left by the tenant.

Removal of Tenant from Property (varies by property, please call)

  • We will coordinate with the Sheriff and will have a crew in place to remove any and all of the Tenant’s belongings. We will return after proper waiting period to remove and haul off anything that has not been claimed. The fees for this service depend on size of the property and amount of items that will be removed from the home.

Property Restoration (please call)

  • SMG will meet with the owner of the property and do a full evaluation to determine what will potentially be needed to get the property ready for show and a future rental.
  • SMG will obtain quotes from licensed and insured vendors for you and we will provide with all necessary information so that you can make a proper decision..
  • SMG will coordinate and meet with all contractors to ensure that all necessary work has been started and completed.